Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More PIctures...

I wish I knew how to add several pictures into one post, but I'm not that computer literate. Here is some more fun pictures taken of Avery. She seriously finds something new each day to "climb" into, literally!! She has figured out how to climb on things and stack things to climb on. She now has figured out how to get in the fridge. What's next...??

You guessed it the dog crate! She also loves to give kisses and blow kisses, I think that is what she was doing to Kyle while he was snapping the picture. What else could she possibly get into...??
Now the dishwasher...she definitley keeps us busy to say the least.

Avery now has 11 teeth. It's crazy how fast those babies came in. She has 6 on the top (2 are molars) and 5 on the bottom (1 is a molar). So she can eat a lot more things now with all those chompers. One of her favorites is tortillini and ravioli, and she devours itas you can see.

Here she is in her Easter dress her Grandma Jones bought for her. She didn't actually wear it on Easter because of all our car drama but eventually she did and doesn't she look adorable!! Man I love this girl!!

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Reeder family said...

she is a doll. Keeps you busy it looks like. I just can't wait to experience all those things.